Amber by InFeedo


Amber by InFeedo

Product Highlights

  1. Understand Workforce sentiment & Attrition Control
  2. High Engagement Rate >70%
  3. Real Time insights

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Amber by InFeedo

Product Summary

AI driven chatbot Amber gets employee specific feedback and sentiment – reduces attrition & improves engagement


Amber is an AI-enabled engagement bot talking to 300,000+ employees today & helping 100+ enterprises proactively find those who are disengaged or about to leave.

Amber’s goal is to help you focus on those who’re unhappy, facing troubles or about to leave before it is too late.
  • It is the only secure chat-bot in this world that “asks” relevant questions to learn employee sentiment whereas other bots can only “answer” queries.
  • It is also the world’s 1st domain-specific sentiment analysis engine that understands corporate context.
  • Amber automates your employee lifecycle to meaningfully connect across the tenure.
  • Amber will interact with your employees across their lifecycle over chat in a personalized and humanized way. And send you daily + fortnightly reports.
  • Amber will equip you with the right insights for you to act on at the right time. This helps the organization reduce attrition & improves mental wellness.
  • The bot now supports Bahasa, Malay etc and works well with blue-collared workers as well.
  • Amber supports custom checks in's for adhoc pulse surveys at critical moments in the company's evolution.
  • Amber helps you collect employee feedback while on notice & even after exit.
  • The security framework is robust and complies with critical industry standards to ensure all employee-related information is handled correctly.


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