Mar 08 2021

Top 5 HR Technology Trends for 2021

“In recent years, HR technology has focussed the spotlight on people management. The majority of the current workforce, comprising millennials and Gen Z, have grown up with internet access and technology. ”

by  Vinay Johar , CEO & Founder, RChilli

In recent years, HR technology has focussed the spotlight on people management. The majority segment of the global workforce, comprising millennials and Gen Z, have grown up with internet access and technology. Clearly, technology is not a matter of choice for them; it is a necessity. Hence not surprisingly, Enterprise HR teams have been compelled to redefine their candidate and employee management practices.

While COVID-19 has spared no enterprise, it's time to look beyond for the post-COVID, technology-centric workplace. To help you in this endeavour, let’s talk about the emerging HR technology trends:

1. AI in HR

You will agree that AI applications are now becoming an important part of every HR strategy. Many organizations are leveraging recruitment analytics solutions or AI algorithms to speed up their recruitment process, enhance their candidate experience and improve recruiter productivity. AI helps in automating repetitive tasks that save time for HR professionals. Not just that, AI-powered tools provide data-driven insights that are helpful in decision-making.

Apart from recruitment, AI-driven tools also enhance employee engagement and performance management processes. Organizations are leveraging these to ensure employee well-being and a seamless performance management process.

2. Gig Economy

Thanks to COVID-19, the Gig economy is flourishing & has been on the rise like never before. Organizations have realized the significance and benefits of employing freelancers as a feasible & cost-effective option.

Do you know that freelancers could represent 80% of the global working force by 2030?  

With this emerging trend, new age technologies can add diversity by hiring freelancers to manage recruitment, employee engagement, compensation and , performance aspects among others.

3. Remote collaboration 

As work gets done from Anywhere & Anytime (and not just from home), Virtual Reality (VR) has gained a lot of popularity and adoption. Many segments including HR teams are adopting VR for various use cases. With safety guidelines in place across the globe at the workplace, a virtual interviewing and onboarding process leveraging VR can be a great asset to all Enterprise HR teams. Truly, a best-fit solution to connect with each other in times of social distancing!

4. Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is now an integral aspect of an employee’s growth. Thus, it is very important for HR teams to ensure continuous up-skilling and re-skilling of their workforce. While technology can focus on repetitive tasks, HR team members can focus on strategic learning & development initiatives.

5. Cloud-based HR Systems

Yes, HR processes are moving to the cloud. Employers are introducing tools like Trello and Slack to enhance productivity and better collaboration amongst their employees. If you are looking for a scalable people management process, it can only be done through cloud-based tools, which can provide real-time access to employees’ data and give them better control over it.

Technology in HR is changing in a fast and dynamic manner. Adopting these trends will ensure that we stay ready for the post-COVID world.

About RChilli:
With a remarkable global presence, RChilli helps businesses in more than 33 countries explore their full potential. We are known throughout the industry for our unparalleled customer support and devotion to continuous improvement. Our intuitive user experience and customizable platform are what make us stand out in the crowd.

Customers use RChilli to:

  • Improve candidate experience
  • Enhance recruiter’s productivity by 80%
  • Reduce manual data entry time by 89%

Vinay Johar is CEO and Founder at RChilli Inc. He is a serial entrepreneur, and RChilli is his third venture.

As an accomplished entrepreneur, sales leader, and market strategist, he spends most of his time with enterprises, mentors, and thought leaders to understand bottlenecks in the recruitment process and solves them with niche products.

Vinay is passionate about bringing innovative solutions to the HR Tech industry. He wanted to create products or services with minimum liabilities and minimum resources and sell them globally to fortune companies. While researching for his core product, he found that the companies are selling a resume parser as a luxurious product. This was the turning point that motivated Vinay to enter the HR Tech space with resume extraction as a commodity and make it affordable.

With the right niche and technology, RChilli is now the most trusted partner for Parsing, Matching, and Data Enrichment for global recruiting platforms. At present, it is serving 1600+ customers in more than 33 countries across the globe. Where a traditional recruitment process takes 45 days to close a job, RChilli is working on a mission to help recruiters to close it in less than 3-4 hours.


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