Oct 08 2021

Why Giving Learners More Power and Autonomy is a Must in Your Post Pandemic L&D Strategy

“There was now a paradigm shift from traditional training to more personalized, on-demand learning integrated into the flow of work. ”

by  Amit Gautam, CEO, UpsideLMS

At a time when remote working is the new trend, the focus has shifted entirely to what learners really need and want – nothing more, nothing less.

Author Amit Gautam

What would you normally do if you wish to learn how to edit videos or how to do squats the right way or how to whip up a good pasta? You would probably browse through YouTube, find a related video, learn from it and accomplish your task. Even if you may have found the task difficult to begin with, you found a quick solution for yourself, didn’t you?

The same goes for L&D training in the workplace. It’s imperative for L&D professionals to facilitate employee training by leveraging learning platforms that offer an experience similar to the one that people usually have on the internet. The focus is on making training interactive, easily digestible, accessible and more importantly, personalized.

Now here’s the catch. While offering only this much was working fine before 2020, Covid changed everything almost overnight.

How Learning Transformed During the Pandemic

The pandemic has clearly been one of the biggest catalysts of change in the way the world is working and learning. As remote working became the norm, employees suddenly had too many things going for them. This meant that what L&D was doing earlier in terms of learning initiatives was not enough anymore.

It became evident that learners needed something more that could cater to their needs. There was now a paradigm shift from traditional training to more personalized, on-demand learning integrated into the flow of work. Learners started demanding more control, autonomy and flexibility over their own learning journey that could improve their learning experience and drive engagement.

Rethinking the Necessity for Learner Autonomy

As disruptive technologies made inroads into all aspects of the workplace, mandatory and conventional training fell into oblivion. Learners started looking for smart and relevant content curation that could offer them content that is suitable to their needs, wants, job roles and future goals. They started expecting systems to understand them and guide them more efficiently in their learning by creating the best path for them.

It soon became clear that by offering learners more control over their own learning, L&D could equip them to perform better professionally as well as in their personal lives. In short, the focus shifted entirely to what learners really needed and wanted – nothing more, nothing less.

How to Offer Learner Autonomy

The question now is if we consider learning as a necessary tool for the effective completion of job-related tasks, then how we can make it more efficient? How can L&D adopt a more employee-centric approach that takes into account learners’ professional goals, their daily tasks, their learning needs and then curates learning that can help improve all of these?

The first step to autonomy is to provide learners with the right tools and resources at the right time to ensure that they are armed with what they need to succeed on their own.

One way to do so is to use a platform like a Learning Management System (LMS) with the principles of learner autonomy in mind. An LMS can play a key role in enabling L&D teams to offer autonomy to learners across the organization.

This will also bode well with millennial and Gen Z learners who are digital natives, are adept at using technology with ease and are already willing to automate parts of their job. L&D teams can use an LMS to create personalized learning paths for learners and screen their learning progress while assessing their performance. Since an LMS is location-agnostic, learners can easily access learning that’s specially customized for them regardless of their geographical locations.

How UpsideLMS Can Help

• UpsideLMS comes as a complete learning solution to transform digital training experiences for businesses.

• It’s an AI-powered LMS that harnesses the power of cloud, online and offline learning, formal and social learning to deploy easy and powerful L&D programs.

• It leverages advanced features like VILT, ILT, Performance Support, Multi-lingual Support, Gamification and Tracking & Reporting to deliver impactful eLearning.

• Optimized for iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets, UpsideLMS’s mobile training platform delivers an unparalleled user experience anytime, anywhere.

• UpsideLMS is also the ideal, cost-effective enterprise training platform that enables organizations to train and engage external audiences by hosting multiple portals on the same LMS setup.

• UpsideLMS can give you more bang for your buck by seamlessly integrating with a host of apps, tools and systems including Salesforce, Zoom, Cisco Webex, MS Teams, PayPal, eway, M-Pesa, SAML, Azure, Oracle, darwinbox, PeopleSoft, Keka, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Biz Library and many others.

You can experience for yourself how UpsideLMS can help you.

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Amit Gautam started UpsideLMS with a mission to enable businesses worldwide to manage their L&D easily and cost-effectively.

With over two decades of experience across IT and eLearning, Amit has a wealth of knowledge in start-up management, project management, technology solutions consulting, and technology solutions architecting and development. An IIM and NIT alumnus, he has been profiled by leading industry publications. Amit also distills his learn-tech expertise into various media articles and presides over panel discussions at leading L&D and HR Conferences regularly. LinkedIn


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