Interview-as-a-Service Platform



Interview-as-a-Service Platform

Product Highlights

  1. You Source, We Interview - An experienced panel of industry experts will conduct unbiased, faster & quality interviews for candidates sourced by you.
  2. You Source, You Interview - Equip your hiring team with a world-class interviewing platform, interview structuring, auto-scheduling & advance reports.
  3. Automated Bot-based Interview- Candidates can appear for the interview anywhere, anytime & on any device.

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Product Summary

FloCareer is one of the leading Interview-as-a-Service platforms providing high quality talent evaluation by industry experts.


FloCareer is a US registered company with a subsidiary in India having more than 5 years of experience in the Interview-as-a-Service business. FloCareer provides an unbiased, high-quality interview process carried out by industry experts, and enables clients to fast-track their business goals with ease.

The platform matches job description with skills to create a structured interview framework that the FloExperts use to conduct fair and equitable interviews. The experts are available 24X7, enabling you to schedule interviews responsively, assisting you to attract top talent.

FloCareer Specialties:
  1. High-quality Interviews
    FloCareer conducts high-quality interviews by providing customizable interview structuring.

  2. Auto-schedule Interviews
    Flocareer features candidate-centric intelligent slot matching and uberization of interviews.

  3. Flo Report
    A detailed skills analysis with video recording and expert feedback.

  4. Interview Platform
    A world-class interviewing platform for candidates and interviewers across industries.

  5. Custom Branding
    Exhibit the true potential of your brand through consistent brand messaging done by the FloCareer platform.

  6. Advance Features
    AI+ML based JD to CV match, candidate fraud detection, code compiler, whiteboarding and confidence score card.


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