Product Highlights

  1. Follow enables you to host your private video channel with features like streaming optimization and complete trackability of the videos.
  2. In Follow, you can track employee read receipts for every message sent and additional confirmation with a single click.
  3. One-stopPlatform for company mailers, policies, updates, trackability and detailed reporting on messages in a highly structured format

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Product Summary

A Broadcasting Messaging Platform for companies to communicate with their employees in a highly structured format


Follow is a modern-day specialized application to enable organizations to broadcast messages and share information with their entire workforce. With Follow, companies can manage all company mailers, updates, messages, policies, case studies, and knowledge sharing across departments using a single platform.

Senders get complete analytics about the number of recipients who have read the message.

Follow provides an in-depth dashboard for employees to know how informed and connected they are with the organization. The dashboard indicates -
  1. How well are employees connected with their work and workplace
  2. Number of unread messages - organization-wide and on departmental level
  3. Number of messages where employees haven’t responded yet
  4. Messages in a calendar format with a due date, event date or expiry date
  5. Messages which have been sent to employees twice because they didn’t read the first time
  6. Auto reminders on important dates
  7. Number of organization-wide read receipts and responses for every message
Follow has tons of additional features that emails, HRMS, Intranets and chat apps don’t have - long format rich media content layout, pre-structured folder and tags layout, 100% employee targeting, detailed read receipts, 5D search, buttons to take explicit confirmations from employees. Follow enables you to send video messages from your top management and build your organization’s private video channel. Quick and easy access to such information can truly increase employee productivity.

The platform is available as a service, with no tech work required at your end. Commercials are on a pay per message basis, with no setup or fixed fee.


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