Globalization Partners

Hire anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Globalization Partners

Hire anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Product Highlights

  1. Onboard the best talent in 187 countries while minimizing risk
  2. 100% employee onboarding satisfaction ratings
  3. 98% customer satisfaction ratings

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Product Summary

Companies can quickly hire team members in a new country without the legal, tax,HR burdens & without setting up their own entity/subsidiary.


Globalization Partners is the world’s leading global employment platform that makes it fast and easy for employers to hire anyone, anywhere, without having to set up international branch offices or subsidiaries.

By using Globalization Partners’ proprietary, AI-enabled, automated, and compliant platform, companies can grow revenue faster, improve their access to global talent, and minimize risk. Customers receive around the clock access to the industry’s largest and most experienced team of global HR experts who can assist with questions about hiring talent in over 187 countries.

We consistently achieve greater than 98% customer satisfaction ratings and 100% employee onboarding satisfaction ratings. In addition to our extensive in-house team on the ground in over 100 countries, we have built a network of over 300 partners to provide additional expertise in recruiting, payroll and benefits, legal and compliance, and technology integration.


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