Product Highlights

  1. Employees can access their earned salaries at no cost and no risk for the employer.
  2. Hassle free, Seamless integration with the organisation’s existing HRMS platform. Manual integration option is also available.
  3. Customisable to any companies' specific business requirements or filters.

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Product Summary

Jify solves the short-term liquidity crisis faced by the employed workforce by giving them access to their earned salary.


Jify is beneficial for both the employer and employees. The benefits go well beyond just the salary access. 

Jify helps employers engage & retain their employees by addressing their short-term financial stress. More than 60% of employees are distracted at work due to financial worries. 20% of absenteeism occurs.

This is where Jify can help positively impact workplace productivity

Benefits for Employers

  • No risk to the Employer
  • No cost to the business for offering JIFY
  • Positive Impact on Cash Flows with more cash put to work
  • Seamless integration with no impact on payroll process
  • Increased employee loyalty and retention
  • Access available only via employers
  • Complete data security - all information protected behind firewalls
  • Real-time dashboard and analytics customised as per business requirements.

Jify has 3 offerings that improve financial wellness of the employed workforce - Access, Spend and Save.

Jify's flagship product offering, 'Earned Salary Access’ aims to solve the short-term liquidity needs by allowing employees to access their salary at any point in time, at no additional costs. 

Benefits for Employees

  • Free instant on-demand salary advance: withdraw a portion of earned salary as they earn it per day.
  • Instant advance on next month's salary: withdraw a portion of unearned salary for additional and/or emergency requirements.
  • Improves employee credit score in the long run by not taking high cost credit products.

The Spend offering is linked to the prepaid digital card on the Jify app that helps employees spend smarter with cashbacks & rewards, expense tracker and other benefits.

  • Rupay prepaid card: Ability to access salary advance and more on the PPI card, which is UPI enabled, access to 1.5L+ ATMs, and other benefits (cashbacks + rewards).

The Save offering, which is also a part of the Jify app, provides a platform for employees for setting saving goals, budgets and seeking simplified financial advice.

  • Smart savings tools [coming soon]– To help employees budget and invest towards their financial goals.


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