AUGMENTING INTELLIGENCE - Infusing ML and AI for Smarter WorkFlows



AUGMENTING INTELLIGENCE - Infusing ML and AI for Smarter WorkFlows

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  1. PiTalent - Analytics Driven People Management
  2. PiTalent - Combining data from operations with traditional talent data reveals disruptive patterns.
  3. PiTalent- Supercharge Talent decision making with the power of integrated data.

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Product Summary

ML & AI-driven Talent Analytics solution to help you identify patterns, predict key events & simulate scenarios.


As a quantitative sciences firm, we endeavor to "Augment intelligence" across organizations using ML & AI algorithms served through Web-based applications.” We aim to ensure that the last mile actions are enabled with the right intelligence.

Talent Management has been a key area of focus for embedding analytics and making the Talent Management processes intelligent. We use machine learning algorithms to help describe, predict and prescribe factors and actions that help maximize the potential of your human capital. Combined with our strategic consulting expertise, our analytics work can transform the way in which your human capital is managed.

Our engagement model with our clients follows the continuum of Data Management >> Visual Models >> What-if Simulation >>Decision Optimisation>>Release to Production >>Monitoring and Reporting – rendered through our customizable products available for on-premise hosting or on the cloud.
Our philosophy is “ Design-led” and entails elements of empathy, what to solve, prototyping, and deployment.

  • PiTALENT leverages the power of data and enables data-driven decision-making.
  • The platform has 7 Employee lifecycles - which are - Diversity and Inclusion, Performance, Attrition, Recruitment, Compensation, Engagement, and Learning & Development.
  • Sits on your existing ecosystem and draws insights from your HRMS / Excel files / Flat files / Tools through our in-built connectors and loaders. In essence, we do not disturb the existing workplace tools, but add a layer of intelligence through Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics.


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