The Science of People



The Science of People

Product Highlights

  1. Pulsifi’s AI predicts performance, job fit, culture fit, high potential and other work outcomes with over 90% accuracy.
  2. Pulsifi provides holistic hard skills and soft traits insights on each of your talent by combining various data sources.
  3. Pulsifi's platform reduces time required for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management processes by up to 70%.

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Product Summary

Pulsifi helps you improve accuracy and efficiency in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, leveraging Predictive Analytics and AI.


Pulsifi’s People Data Platform features:

  1. Unified People Data - A single holistic view of each candidate/employee across hard skills, soft traits and other aspects, presented in real time. Multiple data sources including resumes, psychometric and video assessments, performance data, etc, centralized on one platform.
  2. Success Profiles - The key hard skills and soft traits needed to succeed in each job already defined for tens of thousands of jobs. Potential to tailor job success profile by analyzing the traits of your top performing employees compared to average employees.
  3. Predictive Analytics and AI Models - Predict performance, job fit, culture fit, high potential, customer success, work agility, etc, with over 90% accuracy by matching holistic candidate/employee profiles with job success profiles. Our AI is based on cutting-edge data science, machine learning on your employees’ data, and over 50 years of organizational psychology research.
  4. Actionable Insights - Each candidate’s or employee’s predicted fit to job, culture and/or outcome is represented as a score out of 10, to support decision-making with improved objectivity, efficiency and consistency. Candidate insights, and employee learning and development recommendations are automatically personalized and targeted. 


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