RippleHire Referrals


RippleHire Referrals

Product Highlights

  1. Turn referrals from a reactive to a proactive sourcing channel. A complete marketing engine to the inside of an enterprise.
  2. Gamification for engagement. Leverage WhatsApp for job distribution. Seamlessly connect with your ATS.
  3. Proprietary referral flywheel framework to help you succeed. Free launch templates to get you going.

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RippleHire Referrals
RippleHire Referrals

Product Summary

Best referral technology that serves over 800K users in 35+ countries. We help enterprises build a proactive sourcing engine on referrals.


RippleHire Referrals is a market leader in referral technology. Known as the category creator, Ripplehire Referrals helps companies transform their referral program from a reactive channel to a proactive sourcing channel.

Leaders rely on referrals to solve the following problems in the organisation:
  • Reduce attrition
  • Improve joining ratios
  • Hire talent at scale at speed
  • Improve buzz within the organisation
  • Reduce their cost per hire and build a holistic employer brand using the entire workforce.
Referrals are marketing to the inside of the workforce. RippleHire Referrals is a complete marketing engine that helps you remove the friction associated with running referral programs. Ripplehire Referrals enables smart targeting, gamified engagement, frictionless referral, social distribution and minimizes junk for recruiters. The proprietary employee referral flywheel framework helps leaders systematically improve and succeed with referral programs.

The referral module operates on a license fee plus success fee model and it generates ROI within the same year. Ripplehire helps customers achieve the break-even point within a few months and thus, enjoys long-term contracts with them. Leaders are able to reduce the hiring cost and invest more in the workforce within the organization. 

RippleHire has helped Customers achieve:
  • 10% -15 % improvement in referral source mix
  • Faster TAT by 4 - 5 days
  • 12% - 20% improvement in joining ratios
  • 45% reduction in hiring cost
  • Employee NPS of about ~9.1/10
  • National and international awards

Mphasis, LTI, HDFC Life have won the Brandon Hall Gold medal for Excellence in Talent Acquisition with the programs co-created with RippleHire Referrals.

Since 2012, RippleHire has served over 800K+ users across 35 countries with its gamified referral and talent acquisition cloud platform to make recruiting effortless and delightful. It excels in building a proactive referral sourcing engine on top of your ATS or HRMS.


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