Effortless Employee Management



Effortless Employee Management

Product Highlights

  1. Geo-based fencing: Manage attendance with GPS/Mobile tracking system that enables your employees to work from office, field, or client location.
  2. Shift Management: Make shift-scheduling effortless with the comprehensive shift rosters that gives you 24*7 coverage.
  3. Live track your employees: Get accurate location data for staff with a GPS-based attendance capturing system.

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Product Summary

SalaryBox is the best mobile app for attendance, location tracking, salary slips, shift management and complete payroll for all employees


SalaryBox is a smart attendance and payroll app. You can now experience attendance, leave management & payroll management with a single application. You can record and manage employee attendance with selfie, time and location settings.

Attendance & Leave Management

SalaryBox enables employers to track attendance, location and work hours of the employees. When an employee marks his/her attendance, employee location along with time and self-photograph is captured. The application will also check if employees are marking the attendance within the permitted area thus enabling transparency for the employer. The application streamlines attendance and leave management with some salient features.

  • Employee Attendance app with Location & Selfie Verification
  • Employee Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Easy Punch-in & Punch-out with Employee Time Tracking
  • Integrate a biometric device to simplify attendance
  • Create a shift/roster and assign it to employees
  • Leave management with real-time insights on leave balance
  • Assign managers & manage multiple branch locations
  • Turn your Android phone into a Facial Biometric Kiosk
  • View Attendance Summary & Download Attendance Reports
Automated Payroll Processing

Payroll has always been a crucial and complicated process. A payroll software should not only deliver error-free payroll calculations but also ensure the legal aspects of payroll are met invariably. SalaryBox takes care of the payroll activities in a time-bound and accurate manner.
It also provides automatic backup to avoid loss of sensitive data. Additionally, it offers automatic updates to ensure statutory compliance. To automate payroll processing, the application offers additional features.
  • Automatic staff salary calculation (based on inputs of hourly, daily, and monthly salary)
  • SalaryBox will take care of your PF, ESI, LWF and TDS compliance.
  • Auto overtime pay calculation.
  • Define policies around late coming, early leaving and half day.
  • Download and distribute your employee's payslip using SalaryBox


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