Screenit IN

Hire your Interviewer!


Screenit IN

Hire your Interviewer!

Product Highlights

  1. Matching the right interviewers with the AI algorithm
  2. Clear view of interviewer’s availability on the platform
  3. In-build code editor to assess candidate’s coding skills

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Screenit IN
Screenit IN
Screenit IN
Screenit IN

Product Summary

Next-gen technical screening & an innovative solution for optimizing your hiring process.


The Screenit-In platform offers a one-stop solution to various challenges faced during the hiring process across industries. 

The platform has been revolutionary in transforming  the interview process for organizations and helping them achieve better results in hiring technically sound candidates and provide opportunities for individuals to build a new career as “Interviewer”. Screenit's global IT interviewer network is highly professional and resourceful for the global companies. Organizations can outsource technical interviews and the hiring process is made seamless by Screenit’s  dedicated support team. 

By creating a marketplace for skilled interviewers and solutions for a well-orchestrated interview process, Screenit stands out to be a unique technical assessment platform and a leader in this market.


  • Interview as a Service (IAAS): Facing bandwidth issues with your organisation’s technical interviewers? Worry not! Screenit effectively extends the service of highly-qualified freelance interviewers registered with them. They further provide video recordings of the entire interview sessions that help organisations to view, analyze and make informed hiring decisions.
  • Platform as a Service (PAAS): Screenit serves as a ready-to-use hiring platform where the entire hiring process can be organised with the right tools according to the organisation’s requirements. This platform offers some features that prove to be a great aid -
    • Seamless workflow
    • Internal panel compatibility
    • Interview recordings for candidate evaluation

Leverage Screenit offerings to optimize your hiring process and onboard the right-fit talent. 


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