Interviews without interviewers



Interviews without interviewers

Product Highlights

  1. Web-based automated technical interviews without interviewers
  2. Bot-based interview with integrated coding environment
  3. Multiple technologies covered during a single interview

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Product Summary

Skillevant's flagship product, ‘botround’ conducts a round of technical interviews using a smart chatbot.


'Skillevant's ‘botround’ has been developed to conduct interviews without interviewers. The smart chatbot mimics the interviewer to conduct a technical interview.

The ‘botround’ offers the following features -

  1. Conversational UI with NLP: Deploying natural language processing techniques to assess the descriptive answers received through chat messages.
  2. AI Algorithms: Candidate’s answers drive the next question and algorithms determine suitability for the role.
  3. Integrated Hands-on Programming Tasks: It combines questions and programming tasks together to effectively assess on the job skills.
  4. Proctoring to Avoid Cheating Practices: Webcam-based video capture, screen violation check, elapsed time check etc. enable remote proctoring to avoid any malpractices during the assessment.
  5. API Integration: Seamless integration with various HRMS and ATS systems, using standard hand-off or custom APIs.
Botround asks objective and short answers along with coding questions to the candidates. The next question is driven by the answer provided by the candidate. It even throws a small coding task to the candidates and automatically evaluates it. Based upon the role, the recruiter can club multiple skills in one interview and the bot provides the candidate's result based upon the combined performance.

It has been used for campus and fresher recruitment by organizations ranging from product companies to global offshore centers and startups to large IT giants, alike.

It is also employed to assess the learning outcomes after completion of various upskilling programs designed by organizations. It provides a better engaging platform for learners to access their skills.


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