Maximising Objectivity of Hiring and Selections



Maximising Objectivity of Hiring and Selections

Product Highlights

  1. Enhanced candidate pre-screening through patented AI algorithms, minimizing errors and enhancing objectivity in hiring.
  2. Hiring workflow automation via RPA to enable a seamless flow from one stage to another without any human intervention.
  3. Tap into the candidate database to identify the best-fit profiles for roles through AI scoring and matching algorithms.

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Product Summary

B2B SaaS solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enhances people decisions through predictive analytics on big data.


X0PA AI provides AI-powered recruitment SaaS solutions to maximize objectivity in hiring and selection for accuracy, efficiency, and scale. X0PA aims to enhance candidate retention, performance, and person to job and organization fit. X0PA enables companies to source, score, and rank talent to find the best-fit talent for their roles based on X0PA’s patented algorithms. Using AI, X0PA automates routine tasks and offers predictive analytics so that companies can make the best-informed hiring decisions.
X0PA develops cloud-based tools to enhance the hiring and selection process for governments, academic institutions, and enterprises. X0PA’s solutions can work stand-alone or can integrate to other Applicant Tracking, HR, or CRM systems for a seamless experience. It can also be easily plugged into an employee database or HRIS for internal hiring, career progression, succession planning, and the like.

Through utilizing X0PA’s solutions versus other recruitment solutions, companies can:
  • Reduce time to hire by up to 87%
  • Reduce cost to hire by up to 50%
  • Enhance objectivity in hiring and selections
  • Enhance candidate engagement and loyalty
  • Enhance employer branding

The following are the list of X0PA’s key solutions :

  • AI Recruiter: AI SaaS Applicant Tracking System that saves significant time and cost of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring. We use AI and Machine Learning (ML) to source, score and rank talent to identify the best-fit candidate for each company and role-based on CV relevance, Predictive performance and Predictive loyalty. Other key features of the platform include Hiring Automation via Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as automated job matching and candidate recommendations via AI-Powered Retargeting

  • AI for Academia: AI SaaS Platform that aims to save significant time cost of hiring while maintaining objectivity in hiring students and the like. We use AI and ML to score and rank talent. Using a 2-way proprietary matching algorithm, X0PA takes into consideration the students’ preferences and skills to identify the best-fit student for each internship or graduate role based on a Capability and Compatibility Fit. The solution is applicable to internship and graduate hiring, admissions and scholarship selection.

  • X0PA ROOM: AI-Enabled on-demand hybrid assessment and video interview platform complete with the option to conduct video, text, audio or essay type assessments at scale. ROOM enables companies to seamlessly scale the interview process by assessing multiple candidates at once through reviewing one-way recorded candidate answers at their convenience. Other key features include candidate retakes, anti-cheat capabilities, automated scoring, rankings and pass/fail as well as AI-driven analytics.

  •  AI Recruiter SME: A “lightweight recruiter solution which sits on top of Linkedin to make working on Linkedin seamless as well as gives you functionalities of an applicant system such as job posting, importing jobs from various other job portals, finding candidate matches for jobs and cloning the perfect candidate to find similar profiles on LinkedIn.  

  •  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): RPO services for RPO providers to help them effectively and efficiently manage the end-to-end recruitment processes for their managed clients. The RPO platform is enhanced from the AI Recruiter platform to enable seamless multi-stakeholder management.

  • Virtual Career Fair (VCF): Microsite on its AI Recruiter platform for Virtual Career Fairs and Hiring. This can be purchased as a stand-alone or integrated solution. The VCF feature allows recruiters to easily increase the visibility of their jobs, widen their candidate pool, and automatically assess and pre-screen candidates at scale. 

  • X0I, A Chatbot by X0PA: X0I integrates with the company's career page, websites, applicant tracking systems, or other HR and CRM systems for a seamless and interactive candidate pre-screening process.  


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